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After about 6 weeks in the gym, I feel I’m on track.

Liz accompanied me on a 5K: we did it mainly for motivational and entertainment purposes. It was a great feeling to be able to see the progress I’m making.

Ok, my results are nothing phenonmenal, but it is a decent start.

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The facts of Tuesday

It has been a while since I told much about what is happening in my dear life… so here is a little peek.

  1. Time to break out the fur.  Today was the first day in the Springs since last Feb when you really do need a coat.
  2. Free cookbook: grab it while you can!
  3. It is kinda fun when both your regular clashing evening engagements are cancelled.  (There is time to blog, for instance.)
  4. Chutney is yummy.  Can’t wait to try one of these recipes.
  5. D.I.N.K. stands for Double-Income No-Kids. Even Yuppie doesn’t sound quite so bad (although it still makes me cringe).
  6. As of last Saturday, my sewing-machine is fully functional again, with a new lightbulb.  Time to get cracking on those ultra-cheap patterns I got Saturday.  (7 for $10…)
  7. You can catch those people who sell your address now, using this gmail trick. (Thanks to my dear bro).
  8. There is a bbcamerica site.  (Yes, I know it has taken me *forever* to realise this… I just didn’t care that much, I suppose.)

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nothing to waste

While scrutinising the thouroughness of the Which testing capabilities, I was rather impressed to discover the following (in reference to testing toasters).

“None of the toast is wasted. It is either eaten by staff at the laboratory or fed to the local wildlife.”

Not bad going really, a free lunch, and they get double-green-gold-stars out of it too.

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the fear of forgetting passwords

One of my stranger phobias, I know… but please, someone, tell me I’m not alone!!

It is a very big empty space out here….. wooo -hoooooooo.  It is not even echo-ing-echo-ing.  It isn’t… believe me!

I mean, it must at least have a name.  Or does everyone just cheat with the address book!?

Oh, is there a cheat-sheet like that for spiders?  Just wondering 🙂


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Snowstorm in Colorado

Some adventures are more fun once they are over.

In fact, I’m such a scaredy-wimp, I’d probably have to say that about most of my adventures, if I was being honest… but hey, lets not get side-tracked.

So, this little adventure happened quite a while ago, and only now with the benefit of hindsight (oh, and the prompting of a friend “I wasn’t supposed to remind you about that night, was I?”) have I turned my mind to revealing some of the intricate happenings.*

So, firstly I picked the right night for my wee adventure: it was one of the craziest snowstorms Colorado had had in months, at least.  (Hindsight has its benefits!)  Afterwards, everyone was commenting on the freakish conditions and how unexpected/unprepared we were for it.

Well, I was definitely unprepared!  Oh so unprepared, despite my innocent good intentions throughout.

I listened: I had awareness that people were talking about snow.

But I was new and naive, bracing myself to dealing with “the local culture”… you don’t get a free pass every time some flakes pass the window – far from it!

I was sensible though: I skipped prayer group.  That was when the snow was forecast, so I thought I’d be wise.

Well, snow came two hours earlier than forecast.

I was aware: off test driving a subaru there wasn’t a flake in sight.

Well, snow came down in one massive great big woooosh.

I was prepared: I had a snow scraper

Pity I also had a Pontiac G6.  It kept nagging at me with “Low Traction!! Low Traction!!” all the way up the hill home.  Yes, I know a Pontiac G6 doesn’t have 4WD, but I never had that option on the rental car from the company.

I was consistent: every one else on I25 was down at 15mph, so I followed their example.

Yet I would like to *never* be in that situation again.  We were going so slow precisely because we couldn’t see a thing.  It was a strain to detect the lights of the car in front, and as for the side-mirrors, or checking your blindspot on changing lane – or even indicating – all were pretty much entirely obscured by the unrelenting snowfall.

I was alert: I got home in one piece without accident or car-abandonment-techniques (though others didn’t).

But I dropped my appartment keys in the snow.

I handled it well: my next door neighbours (after introducing myself to them) phoned the appartment maintenance to help me.

They wouldn’t.  (Yes, I complained about this afterwards.)

I was realistic: I knew I couldn’t drive anywhere else in my Pontiac G6, not after it oh-so-barely got up the hill in the first place

But I had to phone a friend, and bring that Subaru out again that night, in such horrendous weather no one would have wanted to face.

And all to test-drive a Subaru.  Well, I certainly got far more than I ever asked from that Subaru: I worked out that yes, it can handle the snow.  (Though I’m more than thankful I didn’t need to drive it again that night.)  And it (almost) goes without saying, I am very thankful indeed, and appreciative of having been picked-up that night, ending with relief that part of the adventure.

* Incidentally, I’m almost in the realms of The Six Month Rule with this one.  Some very dear friends of mine, when something dangerous/scary/potentially life altering has happened to them, they wait 6 months before telling their parents, to save their parents worrying.  Haha, isn’t that the best idea *ever*!!!


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Hello there, person-using-the-word-raincheck

I have to officially admit, until relatively recently, I didn’t have a clue what this meant… and so google + I teamed up to ensure non of my dear readers should ever suffer the same horrific fate.

Definitions of raincheck on the Web:
A slip issued with a shipment when there are not enough copies of a document available for distribution to all selecting depository libraries. The raincheck indicates that more copies will be acquired and sent at a later date.

Hope to have saved you much embarressment and faux-pas opportunities.

Yours most faithfully,



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And….. the recluse surfaces again

Yes, I’m still around, and yes once again, I’m having to acknowledge a lack of blog-love.

So, not exactly everything has been going swimmingly… and I do find it kinda undesirable, and just not fun to be blogging when I’ve got struggles going on I don’t want to talk about, and other things are paling into insignificance.  But on that front, hats off to one of my newest friends Rose, for insightful and gracious responses to exactly that: the struggles.

But then again, there has been a great amount of fun interspersed with my “challenges”. Oh, and I’m not just talking the weekend-week divide 😉

So, here goes…

AMAZING : I’m in Colorado!! We have sunshine here… have I mentioned that before!?

UN-FUN: There was a breakin to my appartment where they stole a laptop and paperwork related to my visa.  That’s still painful.

AMAZING : I’ve met my neighbour, and her dogs.  We’re becoming friends (I hope!) 🙂  The dogs might take some work, however my neighbour is really sweet!

UN-FUN: My neighbour got her laptop stolen too… oh, and her change jar.  Yes, really!

AMAZING : I’m discovering how lovable horses can be 🙂  Well, I’ve never tried before, but I was willing to give them a chance!  You won’t believe, Cricket is one amazing horse 😉  But then again, if you read Priscilla’s blog, maybe you will believe!

UN-FUN:  My head became banged hard on the ground… just this once.  That was unfun mostly  because it meant I couldn’t get back onto Cricket 😛

AMAZING: Some of my best friends took me to a Rodeo.  It was special – including getting hailed on.  EVEN MORE AMAZING: another best friend is taking me to another one soon!!  Pikes Peak or Bust, here we come!

UN-FUN: my trendy new cowboy hat *won’t stay put* on my head.  Me needs a bit of string…

AMAZING: Many great people are generous enough to let me share small slices of their life with them, not least the kindhearted at church.  Every cup of cold water is something to be treasured and cause for thankfulness.

UN-FUN: Many dear people are now far away from me, and that does hurt.  Though, new technology provides means of kindness, and the hurts give motivation to use it.

AMAZING : Starbucks do things without coffee in them 🙂  Wow.. they taste nice.  Like chai lattes (a winter favourite) and vanilla or strawberry Frappuccino (quickly becoming a summer favourite – thankyou, Elle!)

UN-FUN: Spiders.  I mean they can actually *kill* you here… it’s not at all irrational to be keen to avoid their company.  Ok, the long-legged-light-footed-skeleton that I found perched on my elbow the other morning wasn’t exactly poisonous… but hey, he wasn’t meant to be there without asking permission!!

AMAZING: My dearest friend Kathy got married yesterday.  Kath, I love you so much and hope for many blessings for you both in the years ahead.

UN-FUN: I couldn’t be there 😥

Coming full circle, I still wonder at the unusual Providence that finds me right where I am now in my funny wee life.  That’s the way it is, and I can only cling dearly to a clear yet crisp vision: seek to glorify God and enjoy Him for ever.



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