Resources on Waldo Canyon Fire

26 Jun

Update: For an accurate news account of the most disasterous portion of the fire, see the Denver Post The only inaccuracy is in ignoring the Creator of the universe and instead bowing to “mother nature”.

When I got out of work today, it felt like I was in a movie. The entire sky above my head was surreal with sickly-yellow-before-black clouds. So thick you didn’t know how or where the smoke began or ended. The lot across the parking spot had earie fluorescent blue windows glowing.

The fire is scary!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who cried on the way home when we heard the radio say the first houses across at Flying W. had gone up.

Trying to stay updated, I gathered this set of resources. I hope this collection is useful.

Accomodation  Updating with options that have available rooms

Map of shelters (note the Springs Church in the North was not available for overnight stays)

Mandatory Evacuation Map Note: official evacuation maps are on Springs Gov website below, however that site isn’t the most usable format.

Alternative Map Views

Register for reverse 911 calls 

Twitter (Finally, it is actually useful!)

Official City announcements

Official Incident (Note: 6/26 this website was down for a while, possibly due to unexpected increased traffic.  Today (6/27) it is back up.)

News Channels

American Red Cross service to notify people that you have got to safety (again, stay off the cellphones…):

Search google news by date (use the press down arrow):

Accessing pictures

Search google images by time (last hour/day)

  • Bottom left, click “show search tools”, then select time desired.

Nasa satellite images

Sample of images

Donations and help


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