New firsts

05 May

Do you rise to every challenge that comes your way? Do you go through every door that opens?

Are you prone to sacrifice old goals for new endeavours? Or sacrifice basics to go out your way to help someone else? How do you know when you are fully booked? I still haven’t figured this one out! 🙂

This week I got a challenge. I did not accept it, because it seemed crazy and unwise for me to attempt – not because it was really that difficult, but because I really am that busy right now.

The challenge:
Do one uniquely new or different activity every day. It should be fairly significant, not something trivial/silly like “first time getting up at 7:02am”.

My quandry
Throughout the week, I was thinking about this in the back of my mind, realising how I really didn’t have time for it, but in some ways I had actually met some of the goals. So now the week is over, I thought I’d do a retrospective.

Was it feasible? Was it going to happen anyway?

Assessment of results
I thought I didn’t do too bad, all things considered. Though I must say I didn’t exactly plan out all these happenings, I’m way too busy to plan for “bonus features” right now! I think this just illustrates that.

My results:


  • First time in California
  • First time hiking to a fun spot to do devotions (with Janine in Sabino Canyon)
  • First time loosing a boarding pass for a plane


  • First time to Peyton (small village outside of the Springs)
  • First time attended an event to support my friend M (Technology night at Peyton)
  • First time eating gluten free at Wendys (baked potato+chives+sour cream AND it was only just over a dollar!)
  • First time being asked if I’d be willing to speak to a school class! Uhhm… yeah, what would I say!?


  • First time speaking on the phone to my new UK accountant
  • First time having snacks for prayer group that I prep-d 10days beforehand (crazy, I know! but hey, that’s the nature of my schedule/burn-out right now…)


  • First time writing a Junit performance test.
  • First time encrypting a pdf file with a password.
  • … First time this week I got a chance to breathe…!! That’s what it felt like 🙂


  • First time doing a significant code refactor to a new API switched out by a colleague (normally we would work in different areas)
  • First time having sunburn peel (first time sunburn properly hurt for days and got crusty+peeled)
  • First time I saw baby David go for his bottle to drink without it being given to him first.


  • Being laaazy. No really, that is a first! 😉 Ahem (Mum, don’t see this!)
  • First proper phonecall to the UK that wasn’t Skype-to-Skype. (We chatted for well over an hour, and I was paying… thankfully not too bad, around $3)
  • First blog post with a totally random unconnected picture

Did I suceed? Are some of these too easy? I think they should all count 🙂 except for the obviously silly ones.

Beyond the simple exercise, the psychology of doing the exercise had me in knots all week.

When is it helpful to be creative and have a different way of thinking about things? When do you need to buckle down and just power on through. When you’re buckled down, how do you wake yourself up again to come out blinking into the sunlight of the ever-changing world out there?

How do you properly assess needs of others, and sacrifice for them, when you are maxed-out on your current responsibilities. When should you say “No” to some responsibilities, when you have other opportunities you are more suited to fulfill by the position God has given you in the world? What about responsibilities that need done, but are a disproportional effort?

More questions than answers this time… 🙂 I would love to be growing in wisdom, yet all I see is bigger vulnerabilities.

And remember
In the midst of all, God is good. He comforts in distress, encourages in weakness, corrects when we go astray. He never leaves us nor forsakes us, especially in our most trying times.

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