“But who was the man with the kind eyes?”

09 Dec

I have yet to hear a more fitting tribute to Rev Hugh Cartwright than the words quoted in the title of this post. My beloved pastor for three years while living in Edinburgh. [Photo: used with permission from a friend, thankyou!]

It speaks much to his godly humility, that even in controversy, his stance on the issues of the day were held in high esteem. He manifested a balanced faithfulness that left contenders speechless – and personally humbled – at the honesty and clarity which he held.

I experienced this first-hand while in the mire of some of my own painful Providences. (Most of you who are close friends of me in real life know I’ve had some share…) I can say with enthusiasm that that faithfulness was a balm to wounded hearts. A much-needed balm, a witness for good, an encouragement, and greatly to be cherished.

There is many words that could be spoken in favour of his commendable witness, but it does not follow that merit increases in proportion, and hence I have no regrets in pausing personal reflection here, and instead pointing you to The Banner of Truth obituary.  

Here I highlight only a summary to whet your appetite, or even encourage you anew if this is all familiar precious ground.

He would stand fast on his convictions but make his point in a humble, balanced and biblical manner.

my last memory of Hugh at a mid-week prayer meeting was of his moving plea that God would grant a greater unity among the churches in Scotland.

And not to be forgotten, this childhood description of him was true to his latter years, a most delightfully balanced combination:

both ‘mischievous and very diligent’

We can benefit from the faithful example he set forth to us. Whether you knew him or not, I commend to your thoughts and meditation a question that was quoted from his lips:

‘So it comes back to the same question — What think ye of Christ?’

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