Snowstorm in Colorado

10 Aug

Some adventures are more fun once they are over.

In fact, I’m such a scaredy-wimp, I’d probably have to say that about most of my adventures, if I was being honest… but hey, lets not get side-tracked.

So, this little adventure happened quite a while ago, and only now with the benefit of hindsight (oh, and the prompting of a friend “I wasn’t supposed to remind you about that night, was I?”) have I turned my mind to revealing some of the intricate happenings.*

So, firstly I picked the right night for my wee adventure: it was one of the craziest snowstorms Colorado had had in months, at least.  (Hindsight has its benefits!)  Afterwards, everyone was commenting on the freakish conditions and how unexpected/unprepared we were for it.

Well, I was definitely unprepared!  Oh so unprepared, despite my innocent good intentions throughout.

I listened: I had awareness that people were talking about snow.

But I was new and naive, bracing myself to dealing with “the local culture”… you don’t get a free pass every time some flakes pass the window – far from it!

I was sensible though: I skipped prayer group.  That was when the snow was forecast, so I thought I’d be wise.

Well, snow came two hours earlier than forecast.

I was aware: off test driving a subaru there wasn’t a flake in sight.

Well, snow came down in one massive great big woooosh.

I was prepared: I had a snow scraper

Pity I also had a Pontiac G6.  It kept nagging at me with “Low Traction!! Low Traction!!” all the way up the hill home.  Yes, I know a Pontiac G6 doesn’t have 4WD, but I never had that option on the rental car from the company.

I was consistent: every one else on I25 was down at 15mph, so I followed their example.

Yet I would like to *never* be in that situation again.  We were going so slow precisely because we couldn’t see a thing.  It was a strain to detect the lights of the car in front, and as for the side-mirrors, or checking your blindspot on changing lane – or even indicating – all were pretty much entirely obscured by the unrelenting snowfall.

I was alert: I got home in one piece without accident or car-abandonment-techniques (though others didn’t).

But I dropped my appartment keys in the snow.

I handled it well: my next door neighbours (after introducing myself to them) phoned the appartment maintenance to help me.

They wouldn’t.  (Yes, I complained about this afterwards.)

I was realistic: I knew I couldn’t drive anywhere else in my Pontiac G6, not after it oh-so-barely got up the hill in the first place

But I had to phone a friend, and bring that Subaru out again that night, in such horrendous weather no one would have wanted to face.

And all to test-drive a Subaru.  Well, I certainly got far more than I ever asked from that Subaru: I worked out that yes, it can handle the snow.  (Though I’m more than thankful I didn’t need to drive it again that night.)  And it (almost) goes without saying, I am very thankful indeed, and appreciative of having been picked-up that night, ending with relief that part of the adventure.

* Incidentally, I’m almost in the realms of The Six Month Rule with this one.  Some very dear friends of mine, when something dangerous/scary/potentially life altering has happened to them, they wait 6 months before telling their parents, to save their parents worrying.  Haha, isn’t that the best idea *ever*!!!


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4 responses to “Snowstorm in Colorado

  1. James

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    haha :D, I read this in my Reader without it registering it was you, so I had to reread it 😀 ({)

    • rach

      Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 8:08 am


  2. Priscilla

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Six month rule? Hmm. Have I heard of it? Maybe so…. Lol.

    • rach

      Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 9:32 pm

      Aherm, not too sure 😛 I wonder which “very dear friends” I could possibly mean 😉


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