the castle

23 Jul


“I’d rather be in the darkness of Blackness than in the blackness of darkness.”

A distinctive and distinguished quote attributed to one of the covenanters. I believe it was contained in a letter written by one of them while imprisoned in Blackness castle.

Despite the pleasant-sky of this particular photograph, it was a gruesome place to be imprisoned. Sticking out into the Forth as it does, the wind is noteworthy even on a moderately pleasant day. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like in winter.

And that is without knowing for definite if they were in the lower prison, where the tide came in twice a day to flood the place. Scary.

Any more detailed or accurate story-telling would be much appreciated. 🙂

Ps: yep, forgot to post this way back!!

Pps: I’m travelling right now, so probably not doing a real post, hence a suitable opportunity to slip this in.  (I’m even to be in the UK, to make it more “authentic”.)

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