Meeting Elizabeth Elliot

20 Jul


Until recently, I didn’t know who Elisabeth Elliot was.

To some of you, that may come as quite an amazing statement… either that, or you are saying “Who!?”

Well, she is a wonderful Christian example.  I couldn’t possibly do her justice by my short bio, but by way of preliminary explanation, I’ll mention it.

In her younger days, she was a missionary wife.  Her husband was one of the 5 missionaries killed by the Waodani tribe in Ecuador.  Since then, she has gone from strength-to-strength, being a strong witness, and support through her wise counsel to many Christian woman who have grown up in her wake and under her loving influence.  I believe she even had a radio program for a period of time, and it was a source of regular enjoyment and encouragement to many.

Moreover, what has really inspired me about her, is not just herself, but the amazingly brave and faithful group of missionaries she belonged with in her youth.

For someone born-and-bred on missionary heroics and sufferings, it is fascinating having such a story brought to life, and brought real and closer to home by having both a Film* and a Documentary* made of the story.

I know it doesn’t make it any more real – or any more God-honouring – than the stories I read as a child, of John G. Paton, David Livingstone, Robert Moffat and others.  But there is something heart-warming and heart-breaking to see film of the real live people who lived this life, both those serving, and those being served, and even how those roles inter-changed.

I’d highly recommend taking the time to hunt out these movies.  I warn even my most stoical bravehearts not to skimp on the tissues.  I dare you to claim you were not touched!

* For my American readers, they’ve been up on hulu.  Not sure if they always stay up, but if you watch out for them, they might appear again on the regular cycle.

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