My First Hockey

10 Apr


AVS vs Hawks

That’s Colorado Avalanche vs Chicago Hawks to the uninitiated – like me as of yesterday! I didn’t even know it was an ice-hockey match until I was on my way there, hehe.

It was great fun though! I do love watching ice-skating, in whatever form it takes. It is so fast, yet elegant. And I greatly admire the skill involved in being able to control movement. Previously I’d only really seen figure-skating… which I would still consider more elegant – certainly more refined at least.

But ice-hockey too did have a certain high level of skillful interaction. I can certainly admire it: being able to time your stick to harmonise with a speeding puck, while at the same time negotiate adversarial obstacles all seeking to destroy your creative path-weaving… that’s not trivial! Nor as straightforward as experienced players can make it seem.

I guess that is one advantage of seeing some rookies – you could more easily identify the skill required when contrasted with some who were still on their way to perfecting those skills.

It was good having a proper view of the game too… I heard there are these seats called the “nosebleeds”  which – despite my initial suspicions – was nothing to do with how roughly the players treat one another, but more to do with them being the highest up, (and hence most inducing of altitude-related effects). Apparently you can’t actually see anything from up there… so yeah!  (It did strike me as slightly ironic that one add / free draw was trying to get people to buy LASIK!)

In fact, the amount of player injury was rather lame compared with what youTube had let me to believe. I guess now I’ve got those clips in perspective – they really are worst-case scenario rather than an every day happening. Which, I admit, I am rather glad about. I can’t say I relish suffering, even if it is self-inflicted.

There was also plenty of advertisement-bombardment to ensure there was never a dull moment. Which was just as well, as I found conversation rather restricted by the volume and variety of auditory amusements.

One or two moments were kindof special – like when the wee kids came on to take their shot during the break. It was quite a big deal for them, and I was impressed. It made me laugh too, to see how little they were and exactly how much of their body mass was actually all the padding gear they had on. Even more ridiculous-looking than the bigger guys, and quite cute!

Felt sorry for them though when they missed – and sorry for the goal keeper when they scored.  Three little guys got a shot each, and one little guy was in goal for all three shots.  It was rough on him having to set up for the next shot when you could tell he just wanted to flop from disappointment at having let the last one in.  Very very cute though…

So, all in all a good evening!

Just a shame the Hawks won…


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3 responses to “My First Hockey

  1. quact

    Monday, April 12, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    :D, you were sad there wasn’t enough violence 😉

  2. Grant

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Hehe, don’t think I’ve watched any ice hockey since “Youngblood”!

  3. rach

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Wow, way more intense than our game… that’s even counting the wee kids…!!

    Need to hunt that one out 🙂 Thanks!


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