First weekend in my new place

08 Mar


So yes, I’m walking around… sleeping… waking up… showering (even with a shower curtain now! – slightly less floor sogginess :-))… finding plenty clothes in my wardrobe… eating (even have a gas stove, way better than electric) drinking (current tea is tolerable, I suppose… it really really helps that it is hot now… no ice cubes, and nothing tepid).

And I even found chocolate. The snickers don’t count – it totally spoils them to not have decently melty stuff on top. Lindor is the only feasible option I’ve found so far, though I believe if I looked harder (and paid more) I’d find some variety. But then… I like Lindor 🙂 even if my purse still squeals slightly.

Books, books, books… in piles. I’m glad I got most everything else in a decent state now (after a veeeeery long day on Saturday!), thats bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, desk/paperwork/office-clutter. There’s a few outstanding purchases that I’m going to have fun searching for (dining table, bookcase, more yummy food 😛 ) but other than that, I’m about ready to just relax a little and enjoy looking at all the bits I’ve just tidied.

And even my sun jar found a corner to live in. 🙂

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