lamb rescue

10 Apr


We rescued a cute little baby lamb today. It had a black face with white spots. Personally I only did the back left leg, but I felt useful all the same.

There is something heart-warming seeing the attachment of lambs to their mother. Happy to be dependent; happy to scamper around under her watchful eye.

There is a gap in the fence where the side of the field has eroded away. This little dear had decided to poke two legs and a nose out to freedom. The rest of him was then curved up behind with the wire fence cutting into him… Some vigorous efforts later and he was out.

He had already realised he did not want freedom. His mother called him and without a moments regret or questioning he ran to her, showing clearly his longing for his mother after only a few seconds absense.

Then back and forward along the fence, again and again. Increasing levels of consternation ensued as that fence previously a protector – became the domineering actor of seperation.

His mother was calling to him. At first she was also marching along the fence, then as if maturity recognising the dire straits, she retreated in desperation.

This confused the fellow. He slowed down enough to be caught and quickly hopped over the fence.

Then what happiness! 🙂 Plenty enough to keep me smiling for quite a while.

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One response to “lamb rescue

  1. Esther

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    awwwwwwww! how cute!



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