big things on the beach

08 Aug

The ice cream

Today our team took an afternoon on the beach.   (Sorry, forgot the camera… but smileygeekgirl has them plenty good enough 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me borrowing…?)

It was quite a treat to be surprised by the suns presence and no rain, so we all cheerfully put smiles on our faces as we tramped up-and-down up-and-around-and-down the streets, invading the privacy of gardens all and sundry along the way.  (Not just the artists, mind you… smelling the rosemary and scrutinising the thistles too!)

Embarrassingly enough, I actually found myself generally agreeing with our team sceptic as to the artwork… not that I gave him the satisfaction of knowing that!  I suppose that makes me “uncultured” but in the light of recent exposure, that’s probably a compliment. *hides from our French connection*

Just when I was about to give up in despair at this “contemporary art”, we found one I could concede as my favourite.

Quite refreshing. The connection with the sea gave cheerful connotations of summer holidays at the beach… while being right beside a beach made it harmonise with the surroundings in a simple yet enjoyable manner.

It was colourful without being too taxing on the eyes. The orange-and-white fitted the theme, and the pale blue background gave a contrast while fittingly maintaining its humble role as a backdrop.

No bold statements, just simple, straightforward fun.  Pleasant indeed, and all the more for its scarcity.

Squeakie was disappointed I hadn’t taken him along: he could have eaten the birdfood-containing-artwork.  And he’d certainly have qualified for the job of protecting me from the various little beasties I met.

Now once I can just catch that wee squeakie, I can go to bed.  All the fresh air today is making me yawn.

Cheap-squeak; goodnight.  😉

Ps: Hehe, amusing error message I received: “Hold your clicks a moment please…Flickr has the hiccups.”

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