an average day

16 Jul

After a long and tiring day at work, the very last company I wanted was this little chappie.


He was fair busy giving me the run-around…  sneaking through the maze of egg-box corners. I got this odd suspicion that he knew what a bug-catcher looked like. Maybe it was the same chap I chucked out last week….

Ah, the dilemmas.  Do I throw him out again and risk another heart attack in a week?  That, or him landing in my scrambled egg?  Somehow it doesn’t quite appeal. If only I could get my skin to stop crinkling and crawling, I could pluck up the courage to decide his fate.

*procrastinating moment*

But that’s too much yucky thoughts… instead I’d rather reflect on how much new-ness I’ve been slotting into my life.

Today for the first time I:

  • used the ‘exposure’ settings on my camera
  • sang out loud in the train shelter
  • put more than two pillows on my bed at once
  • used jvnc… don’t ask, its a geeky thing 😀
  • delegated a pair of leather boots for spare parts.  Only I don’t know what for yet.  Ideas, anyone out there?

Maybe I should try a *real* novelty, like going to bed on time 😀  I wonder what that feels like 😉


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2 responses to “an average day

  1. Evelyn

    Friday, July 18, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Uhm…don’t know about the going to bed early thing it doesn’t mean much to me if I did or not seeing I do “night shifts”…but for you I’m sure it would feel refreshing! 🙂 How is life for you at the moment? Glad your updating regularly…its nice to keep up with you! Ev xx

  2. rach

    Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Thankyou Ev! Life’s good, if hectic 🙂 There’s always something to pop out of the blue… but I guess that’s just life 😉 And its nice you keep reading – makes me feel like its not a completely uncaring void out there 🙂

    I find it handy too, to hear all the little moments of your day, and smile at the pleasures of your little ones… that’s refreshig too! Hope you’re doing good yourself? Heard Stephie had lovely news 😀 No doubt we’ll see photo’s of Carl-junior in due course 😉

    Sorry, I need to catch up more.. but I gave myself a 10:00 deadline to be off here ‘cos I’m shattered and need an early night (again!) tonight. Yes, it is refreshing 🙂 to be able to sleep regularly and well.

    Better go… love you 🙂 Rach


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