catch up with me

23 Dec

Yes, I’ve been awful…! I’m sorry… After being real-life prodded yet again, I’ve been forced to admit it’s about time I again said a virtual “hello” 🙂

So, the deal at the moment:

After a blissfully uneventful four hours in the bus home last night, I’m back with that lovely set of people I call my family. Happily illustrated by the sweetest birthday present from my wee-est sis: a picture saying “Sisters by chance, friends by choice”.

Today we got ourselves all psyched up for the 90th birthday party of my first babysitter. She’s loosing her memory really bad 😦 but so adorably friendly as always.  And her daughter gave us a real decent feast!

Then next priority was the standard hour of frustration getting wireless working again – finding out the next set of new settings. But I am now online 🙂 , so I have no more excuses not to catch up on my blogging.

Oh yes… and I got some random letter to greet me on arrival. Still over-analysing processing that one!

But nearly bedtime… I’ll be back, all being well!

~ xx ~ 🙂

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