I am S.A.D.

30 Jul

While gracing the dcs department with my presence lately, I have received confirmation of the sorry truth…

This past winter I became increasingly confused by the level of depression I made myself put up with.

Ok, nothing properly serious (before my caring readers get worried 😉 ) but I just wasn’t making sense of it.

My reasoning went something like this:

  1. Last three years of my life I have spent all winter in a dcs lab.
  2. 3rd and 4th year uni were way more stressful than work was at the time.
  3. any S.A.D. tendencies could not possibly have survived such an environment undetected.
  4. I can cope with a general bit of not-quite-beamingly-exuding-happiness, but surely I should at least be less depressed than a similar time of year exactly one year before.

But I hadn’t counted on one factor in the equation. My visit back to the department informed me of the crucial difference: the computing science labs are apparently all installed with those special S.A.D. lights.

Quite considerate – and sly – of them to do so… :-P… but a bit like ditching us now we’re out of there.

So, yeah…!

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