An understanding Mum

21 Jun

I just love my Mum.

There’s no-one else with whom I can have such an efficient method of communicating directions. [ESP excluded, of course!]

Well, firstly there’s the non-confusion way of indicating the next turn by obstructing her vision with a frantic hand-waving. “It’s *this* left”, while positioned in the right-hand lane.

She also has quite an intuative driving habit: as soon as I take a breath before giving the next direction coming up, she notices and responds by slamming down her foot just to make absolutely sure my directions will arrive too late for appropriate action.

And then, the moment of crowning glory, when I turn to her and say with absolute trust in her abilities of recognition:

Me: “This is the round-the-corner bit.”

Mum: “Oh, yeah!”

Come on, how could you not-love a Mum like that! 😀

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