The first four boxes of books.

28 Apr

I have once again begun relegating my life to little cardboard boxes…

Deciding what I could most live without for 2-3 weeks, I have sensibly, tho’ rather un-geekily, settled on my mostly-just-for-decoration bookcase.

Firstly, I began to realise with trepidation that despite my extremely strict “no new books” policy, that doesn’t seem to quite tie up with reality. Hey, I’m extremely proud of how well I’ve done, but even so I couldn’t quite ignore the prescence of a few additions: The White Masii – bought in a charity shop for £2, so it only half-counts – and Re-engineering the Corporation – actually even the sound of that one makes me feel sick, so in all fairness it probably has to count double.

Why on earth do I still have John Seargent’s autobiography? Ok, an interesting read at the time, but I very much doubt that I’m enough of a fan – or really a fan at all – to ever open it again. Free book, anyone?

Then there’s the books with the bookmarks in… usually somewhere around page 15. Reminds me I really must finish them sometime. Maybe before next flitting.

With a bit of indoor gymnastics I was even able to reach the top shelf of ornaments. I’m sure you could get a whole exercise routine out of it: lean, stretch, overbalance, grab item-with-weight, correct balance, move item along, retrieve item, throw item in a non-breakable direction.

Ok, so finally we close the lid of pot-pouri container, detatch the fluffy toy, decide to bin the sentimental value ‘ornament’ that isn’t really very sentimental, and we have one clear bookcase!

Going back to books, of course there is the collection requiring special care that is too special to be relegated to the bookcase. Not that I don’t love all my books, to greater and lesser degrees, but I always feel a certain sense of obligation towards those books that don’t actually belong to me. I’m afraid this has been my most lax area of late… I guess it is because I’ve not been buying so many myself recently, so I’ve been kept going by the Generous Lenders Society.

Ok, maybe I should just read all the books and give them back to respective owners. That way, I could say I was doing “flitting work” while departing from reality at the same time. Sounds like a plan to me!

*is reading*


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2 responses to “The first four boxes of books.

  1. Grant

    Monday, April 30, 2007 at 8:27 am

    I hope you tried this move while clearing out your bookcase – in honour of the new Spider-Man film that’s out this week 😉

  2. Peter Reynolds

    Monday, April 30, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    The title of this item sounded like something that ought to be in *my* blog. We moved quite a few boxes of books around this morning, so we no longer have any in the main part of the living room, as we have had for the last couple of weeks 😦 As you’ll have gathered, Rachel is a pretty tolerant wife. And she loves both me and books – in different ways – which helps!


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