not exactly happy…

25 Apr

I just about ran smack into a car today.

Not that it wasn’t obvious enough – a big dark red jeep-branded being. But the fact I had my nose tunneled into my mobile trying to write a text probably didn’t help… or that I couldn’t see past my fire-flaming eyes.

Well, you see, while leaving work with a friend, he happened to refer to something that is a bit of a sore spot. It’s something I’ve frequently dropped hints about, but never really vented my true feelings about very much.

The actual offending event happened while I was still very new to the team but it still has repercussions now, meaning I’m still reminded about how it bothers me. I think at the time I just didn’t know everyone so well, so although I did make known how I felt, I never really “pushed” it very much, just said my piece and let it go.

So then today I was just leading up to full getting-it-off-my-chest mode when someone without the correct security clearance joined us on our common medium of travel. Oh, he’s a decent enough bloke, just not currently in the relevant clique, I suppose.

So yeah, I was fuming, and wanting to talk about my fumes, and had a willing ear to lap up such fumes… but, grr, I couldn’t allow Eve to get a-hold of any of my fumes! Maybe I should have transferred them a single photon at a time…

Ho hum…

Maybe I should just “forget about it”!


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2 responses to “not exactly happy…

  1. Angela

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 7:44 pm

    Yeah, I reckon those New Yorkers are on to something there 🙂 But don’t forget about looking out for cars when crossing the road – that would be a bad thing!

  2. rach

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    Hehe… :$ good point, well made!


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