Metrical Psalms on my pda.

24 Apr

Ok, so technically I should be fast asleep right now.

But instead I’m feeling remarkably pleased with myself. After having wanted to have a decent way of reading the psalms on my pda for years now, I’ve finally achieved just exactly that tonight.

Well, it all started out rather differently, over a discussion of Jane Austen. Before I knew it, I was arguing with my memory over vague quote references from Jane – the Eyre one. The next logical step was clearly to download an ebook… from *the* Project Gutenberg of course. Their new PalmOS format got me thinking, and a few clicks later I was reading MobiPocket Reader documentation… then MobiPocket Creator documentation… then hunting out that random .txt file from out of my “Rachels Unsorted Junk” folder…

After that, I actually had to start trying:

1. Read the documentation to discover the random made-up format for their “heading” parser. \1 for numbers, \x for strings, and just to preserve my sanity, \n for end-of-line (which thankfully didn’t fuss about whether it was a windows EOL or a unix EOL).

2. Realised – as a completely wonderful guess – that a particular selection of comma’s were causing random crashes of the parser. (“No, really honestly, I’m *sure* I don’t want to tell Microsoft all about it.”) Removing them, and I had the first stage on an autogenerated Table-of-Contents.

3. Went in and hacked the html to allow a few extra headings so I could get both first and second version of some psalms. I tried to do this ‘properly’ in the original file, but when it read it in, annoyingly it had to replace my wonderful <h2> with & lt;h2& gt; nonsense, so a “replace all” had to be speedily injected.

4. Did some stupidly-OCD replacing of tab characters with carefully calculated different-sized sets of repeated & nbsp; characters.

Ok, the finished product is far from perfect. But I’ve waited so long to have anything semi-practical, that I’m just plain overjoyed right now! A simple few hours work, and I’ve got another ‘worry’ ticked off my list!

😀 *is hoping I will be awake for work tomorrow… today*

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