Giving back.

23 Apr

After weeks (or dare I say, months) of having lots of kind support from various friends helping me to deal with all my stresses, I’ve had an unusually upside-down day today.

For the first time in ages, I’ve been the fine-er one, and so it was my turn to do my little bit trying to cheer people up.

At least three friends were the guinea pigs of this process. (And I’m not just talking about the ‘specially-fortified’ Lindor chocolates here 😉 … tho’ if I remember right, there were exactly three of them, to be of benefit randomly to a special few. :-P)*

More seriously, considering my real “trying to help” bit, I made a mess of it I suppose! But at least I tried…

Strangely draining ‘work’ though. Makes me appreciate all the more what wonderfully good friends everyone has been to me over the last wee while.

*In case anyone’s wondering what this is all about, its a subtle little ploy of mine to make everyone too scared to eat my chocolate. *Gets caught in the headlights with one mucky paw half-way to chocolate-smeared mouth*

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