Perfect timing!

14 Apr

Don’t you just love it when this happens:

(02:17:00) Dad: hi are u not in bed yet?
(02:17:14) Rach: I was in bed
(02:17:15) Rach: asleep
(02:17:00) Dad: ??
(02:17:28) Rach: but feeling a little squeemish when I woke up
(02:17:35) Dad: I’ll turn on Skype
(02:17:48) Rach: we went out for a mexican tonight
(02:17:56) Dad: i c
(02:17:59) Rach: oh, why are you wanting to talk?
(02:18:15) Dad: just to explain a browser problem
(02:18:21) Dad: easier than typing
(02:18:30) Rach: I suppose…

Ok, to be fair to my Dad, we never did chat on Skype. He left me to it after I convinced him I wasn’t really in the mood, somehow!

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