Anyone out there afraid of ‘incomputeracy’?

13 Apr

Recently I’ve been dipping into The Joy of Computers, and discovered some choice quotes.

“Anyone who can count from 0 to 7 on his or her fingers and make 8 can learn to be a programmer.”

Please, no! I’d have to add a few more “minimum qualifications”: imagination, love of recursion, maybe even the ability to count without using your fingers.

“[Computers] make it possible to ‘bottle’ thought.”

Version 3.5, bottled fresh from a natural spring in Scotland.

“You might imagine that the world of computing would be totally orderly, surgically sterile in its logic. I am happy to say that this is not at all the case.”

Hrm… Sometimes I wish it was. It would make things just so much easier.

Customer: I want program X

Me: Ok, I’ll make you program X

3 weeks later

Customer: Thankyou 🙂 This program X is just what I wanted. Here’s your money for those three weeks hard work.

But then again, life would be so much less interesting if it was this easy! Everything would be “Made in China” and I wouldn’t have a job. Not an appealing prospect at all.

Ok, I’ve only just finished the introduction now 🙂 Think I’ll resist the temptation to pick holes in their program listings! At least for a few more days.


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