Thankyou… to you, and you, and you.

09 Apr

Despite all I’ve said about some parts of flat-obtaining being easy, I would in no way want to underestimate the completely invaluable help I’ve had from everyone.

I have been liberally showered with advice from all quarters of the universe, and so I would like to say thanks 🙂

Firstly, my dear Dad and Mum have been rather practical in their advice. Advice wrapped in a cheque usually can be made to slip down one way or another! And it is always lovely to have advice that you can know with absolute certainly has been given with your best interests at heart.

In work, everyone has been so obliging. Specially, Grant was marvellously decent in giving up valuable time to show me around South Gyle, and in allowing me to experience his wife’s expert opinion first-hand. My manager too has been helpfully pointing out the steps – and the pitfalls – as I’ve ventured through. And Angela’s stress-relieving tea cannot be forgotten! In fact, everyone has just been so patient with me. thanQ 😀

And, above all, I am grateful to my God. Not that I go in for any of the American commercialisations of religion, offering you “a green hankie, to obtain any ‘blessing’ you want.” But I wouldn’t have expected anything that God does not intend for my good. I just couldn’t not-acknowledge His goodness, when He has been preparing everything for me, even before I asked. “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” [Matthew 6:8]

This whole experience has reminded me that this world is only just a stepping-stone to the next. The past two weeks in particular have reminded me just how fleetingly our lives pass. “As a cloud that vanishes away.”

All the more reason not to worry too much about what may happen in this world!

I am content.

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One response to “Thankyou… to you, and you, and you.

  1. Grant

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    You’re very welcome. I enjoyed helping you spend all that money 🙂


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