Squeezing blood from a tangerine

09 Apr

I always imagined you didn’t get much juice out of tangerines, so this is the first time I’ve attempted to obtain mouth-watering “freshly-squeezed tangerines”.

Well, I did have about eight of the things to get rid of somehow. They were a bit past the easy-peeling stage – like at least a week past the easy peeling stage – so I was needing some cheap and cheerful disposal method.

My flatmates juice squeezer is about the most untechnical piece of electrical equipment I’ve ever seen, and yet I managed to come to grief. Ok, it serves me right for trying to take a sneaky wee sample… but how hard can it be, really, just to slot it back together again so that all the parts connect up right?! Ah, well, at least it teaches me never to underestimate my A.I. counterparts.

Then theres the pips. You know how usually you eat a tangerine, and theres three, maybe four. Annoying, but tolerable. So yeah, my collection were all quite averagely obeying the general laws until I came to Tangerine Number Seven.

The little one had chored seventeen of them… – yep, that’s 17, or 10001 for the computers in our midst.

There always has to be one, doesn’t there!

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