Under pressure to blog?

03 Apr

I have been greatly encouraged by Grant’s positive impressions of the whole blogging experience, and have begun to think that some of the joys of blogging may have wider applicability than just my tiny mind.

Recently, I have caught myself recommending to friends from different areas of my life that they start blogging. They are my friends after all, and if something works for me, I’d love them to be able to get the benefit of it too

Yet, a blog could never really be ‘real’ unless the person blogging was doing so completely of their own free choice. All persuations by me should be taken in light of this 🙂

I would hate to think that I ever forced someone into blogging. So this here is my annoying wee disclaimer! Thankyou for listening.

Ps: In a similar vein, I would hate anyone to feel ‘obliged’ to read my blog. In fact, it could be argued that it might be more conducive to friendship if my friends didn’t read my blog, as then they’d all be less aware of my madnesses.

*Cries when she realises that now she’s driven all her friends away again.*

I think what I’m really saying is that reading my blog is certainly not a pre-requisite of friendship, no matter how many references you may count to the word “blog” in my current conversation.

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