Family comms

22 Mar

A recent chat with a friend made me realise the number of different ways I communicate with my family. Well, the comms channels aren’t strictly constrained to my family, but the way I communicate with my family is a fitting illustration of the ways I communicate with “the outside world” in general.

Well, firstly, there’s just plain seeing them, with the multitude of normal communication channels that go on there, but that’s not really geeky enough for my current thought-processes.

It’s more the fact that I phone / text / email / chat on msn / chat – via text or speech – on skype / send birthday greetings on america-originated message boards / “share the luv” on social networking sites (I had a ‘friends request’ from my Dad – of all people – the other day!!) Just last month my Dad’s set us up a family yahoo group. And there’s a flikr group we’re all part of.

We go through stages of using whatever is popular at the moment. Not deliberately, or planned, or with the same level of interaction, but when you stand back and look at it *what a mess* of different media/styles/comfort zones/adjustments/privacy levels. No wonder I struggle sometimes!

And, actually, maybe I am not as bad as I thought at keeping in touch with my family! It’s just a very… um… digital connection. Either comms have happened, or they haven’t – give or take the multitude of parameters mentioned – but all being said and done, I’d happily replace it all with just a simple hug!

And I’ve not even got my family blogging yet.

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