To reveal or not to reveal…

15 Mar

Ok, so what happened at work today. Well, someone mentioned they’d started a blog…. a fresh, new, unincriminating, “blogger” blog, filled with an overnight flurry of items of interest that are not yet two years old.

And what situation am I in? Well, this pretty WordPress thing is only a few months old now… so I’ve not got too much history behind me, especially as I haven’t posted much lately. But then you need to take into account that I was able to port across my old blog when I joined WordPress. My old trusty livejournal, written as a undergrad student, before I had any idea of the big bad world of work out there.

So today, when I owned up to also having a blog, it was suggested that I could also disclose that vital url.

So yeah..

When I started working, it was something that I knew was a little bit of a potentially ‘risky’ area. Me, being the kind of open person that I am, would have happily spilled out all sorts of chewy little details that got me tickled at work… only to find that once I have a “career progression” or somesuch strange notion, I may yet one day regret my childish follies. These follies that are not only preserved for all posterity, but also conveniently accessible as an absolute microscope into my innermost life.

I decided that for work I really needed to find some sort of ‘acceptable’ solution to my worries. So, what I got myself settled down with is a collection of lovely little .txts sitting on my computer at work. Every day my outlook reminder pops up and lets me know I have to type characters into said .txts. Nothing completely private (to me) mind, but it *may* be sensitive to the company, if the whole lot of it landed online. (Note: I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it *is* sensitive… generally it’s far too mundane to exactly be sensitive.) I was even geeky enough to write a little script to autogenerate my .txt’s with the correct dates on… but that’s another story, proly one I shouldn’t really be telling! 🙂

Anyways, these .txts actually serve a dual purpose. The boring-but-useful purpose is I can always check up back on what I was working on, when and for how long, and the steps I went through to get my solution. All useful stuff that has helped me out in numerous ways since I’ve started work. Secondly, the more blog-like purpose is the ‘reflective’ aspect of clicking-out one’s thoughts. I often use my blog as a means of prodding myself to get me thinking about what’s going on in my head, and the .txts have kindof morphed into “being there when I need them” just like any good friend should be.

So that leaves me with the situation I’m now in. In one sense I no longer need my blog for one area of my life (ie work) but in another sense the other areas of my life still require reflection, but have of late been deliberately dissociated from anything electronic.

And now I’m realising that, actually, I still need a reflective tool for the rest of my life…

And now I’m starting to feel all nostalgic about the – accidental – loss of my dear blog…

And so this is where I become tempted to ‘reveal’ my blog, in the vain hope it may tempt me to again turn to my blog as the window to the world it has been designed to be.

*hums and scratches her chin*

*starts thinking she doesn’t actually have the guts to let anyone read her blog anyways, so this whole post was really a waste of time*

*decides she has to dare herself*

*wants to win a Kit Kat*

Ok, I’m bored now. That means I should read another chapter of “The Lost Continent” which will hopefully send me to sleep.

Rara buya -xx- (That’s goodnight to the uninitiated 😉 )

Ps: On the employers note, I’d love to think in some kind of ideal world that the only employers I’d like to work for, would be the kind who were accepting and trusting of my online presence, but realistically it’s potentially a tall order in the currently progressing web vs corporate property situation. It could swing either way. In fact, it probably will swing both ways, back and forth and back again, probably all during my employable lifespan. So there’s something to be said for ‘playing safe’. (Incidentally, my current employers are pretty decent 😉 I’m fairly hopeful they’d have the guts to make sure they swung things the right way 🙂 )

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