30 Jan

Last Thursday I was off interviewing students for graduate positions. It was one of the strangest days of my life.

Firstly, I could hardly have felt more out-of-place actually doing the interviews at all… It was only last year that I was sitting across the other side of the table, so I hardly felt fully qualified to be sitting in judgement over anyone else just that little bit younger than myself (tho’ by a weird irony, its possible some of them could have been older than me). Well, not that that stopped me having opinions about the candidates… 😉 but hey.

Secondly theres the aspect that I wasn’t officially an interviewer. When the oportunity came round to volunteer to be an interviewer, I didn’t volunteer. The usual people who’d decided to go in for that kind of thing all said their usual “yes, they wouldn’t mind doing interviews”. I discreetly didn’t have anything to do with it all, feeling just overly a bit scared at the whole prospect.

So, ‘cos I wasn’t an interviewer, I therefore didn’t go along to the couple of meetings of preparation that went into the whole process. That didn’t bother me at the time, since as I wasn’t going to be interviewing, it didn’t make any difference to me that I wasn’t clued up as to what was going on… or so I thought.

But that’s when things started to change course. It was decided that they needed a third interviewer, as the schedule was a bit tight otherwise. So yeah, I turned up at Gla to do interviews, of all unexpected things!!

The whole thing felt like a bit of an emotional roller-coaster all round. Ok, I felt kinda like I was making a difference to people’s future, but truthfully, that didn’t play as large a part as I might have expected. It was actually much easier to tell stuff about people than I would have expected. Like, the people walked out the room, and we could all practically read each others minds, it was that obvious we were thinking the same thoughts. Quite surreal, that part!!

It was really good of my manager to invite me along though. A good opportunity, of the kind that doesn’t really turn up very often. Interesting too, once I’d got over the nerves part.

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