11 Jan

This particular discussion has happened so many times in my life now, that I’m wanting to avoid all the frustration of a pointless-ly spiralling process. Truthfully, I don’t think my friend actually wants “the answers to all the evolution questions”.

So, here’s the problems I have currently:

  • I don’t know what he *really* wants to know: ie does he really care if a fossil is actually 230 years old or 230 million years old? Even if I answer his question (as I think I am able to do, because I’ve done it before) I’m guessing he still won’t be happy (no-one ever is).

The conversation usually goes something like “Well, fossils occur when… etc” “Ok, then, but what about geological strata?” Then later on, someone will rely on what I’ve just demonstrated about fossils being inconsistent to then ‘prove’ something about geological strata. Not consciously, or deliberately to deceive or anything, but I’ve yet to find someone who will analyse their own arguments rigorously enough to find out how much they are intertwined and dependant on one another.

  • Even if I find out what he’s really interested in, I don’t know that he realises that’s what he’s interested in
  • I obviously can’t dictate to him what I think he wants to know, but it’s not helping either of us to have a ‘sidelines’ debate about questions neither of us really care about. So I’m keen to avoid that, but don’t then know how to have a more meaningful discussion without seeming irrelevant
  • A more fundamental question is whether he is actually wanting any discussion at all, or if it’s just a way for him to justify his own position in his own mind.

So, for the moment, I’ve not really said anything. Not wanting to cop out, or anything, but I’m not exactly sure where to start…!!

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One response to “Evolution

  1. Grant

    Friday, March 16, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    This whole Evolution vs. Creationism mini-debate that’s been going on at lunchtimes isn’t exactly how I envisaged things turning out. I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to a creationist before and I’m genuinely interested in why you believe in it. Even when I went through my Christian phase, before my fall from grace 😉 I had always taken the Genesis version of creation to be an interpretation of how things may have happened – not a precise timeline. The idea of the Earth being only ~6,000 years old appears (to someone conditioned by “accepted” scientific thinking, at least) to be fairly bizarre so what I was trying to do was present some of the evolutionists arguments so you could tell me what your counter-arguments were. However, what ended up happening was exactly as you described…

    Each point of view has its basis in faith – whether it be faith in God or faith in certain scientific assumptions holding true. Maybe we should just leave it at that because I’m pretty sure neither of us is going to one day say “You know what – you’re right. I denounce my beliefs!”.

    Anyway, I think I’ve got a bit more of an open mind now – I even talked myself out of the Adam’s nipples thing…


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