Hello World!

06 Jan

Hello world indeed!

I have finally got myself a WordPress blog. It’s been ages since I first decided WordPress was the way to go, but unchangeling that I am, I kept making excuses about getting one myself – like that I couldn’t decide which hosting option I wanted, and I wanted everything to be just perfect before I went for it. But nah, for once I’ve managed to resist my obsessive compulsiveness, and just go for it.

My old livejournal blog was lovely in and of itself, but I was growing tired of it – there was only so much customisation that was possible, and it just wasn’t what I wanted anymore. But I’ve ported over all my old journal entries, and tagged them as “LivejournalArchive”, so at least I’m not loosing my online history. Not that I’m overly proud of everything I’ve ever written, but they’re still up there on LJ for everyone to see anyway… just saves me having to keep track of two different accounts.

Anyways, I’m havering…

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Posted by on Saturday, January 6, 2007 in selfish



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