“The Great Textbook Tidal Wave”…

30 May

.. is currently in progress around my flat.

In the vet department, it involves the gradual osmosis from paper to brain.

In my department, it involves the throwing around of dusty trees, in an attempt to get them in a moveable state. It is hoped that they will all be emigrated in the near future.

How exactly they will obtain their travelling visas is still a matter of consideration.

There are various options under consideration; however reconciling those options, and the various pro’s and con’s of each is the main puzzlement-area at the moment. Maybe I should try constraint programming after all – use the unification algorithm to ensure that all constraints are considered with suitable applications within the context of all other constraints.

Acutally, that is starting to sound rather too geeky for my current de-examination phase of existence.

Iced tea is the answer! Iced tea is the answer to everything. Iced tea is even the answer to “Forte tu, Brute?” 🙂

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