25 May

I’ve just been at the public meeting of synod.

Omorandia was there – he is the new moderator. It is the first time I’ve seen him since that fateful Tuesday one and a half years ago when we arrived in Nairobi shattered after a gruelling all-night journey.

Mr Calum Gunn was there too. I didn’t see him at first, until Aunty Alice nudged me on the arm and pointed in his direction. He smiled, waved and gave me a thumbs-up! So cool to see him again, albeit at a distance.

There was the Kenya mission report – given by Omorandia of course! He mentioned they have just printed yet another batch of psalmbooks, now with a total of around 50 psalms. I’m so glad they’re still persevering with that, painstaking work that it is.

All in all, brought back lots of memories… I nearly laughed when Omorandia gave a brief explanation as to why he could not get last years accounts back from the auditors in time.

There was just that slight sarcastic edge to his voice. That tone of voice he always uses when referring to Kenyan buerocracy 😉 Lol.. I can just imagine that his “We tried to get the reports from the auditor in time” was far more than the (albeit annoying) repeated phonecalls to get something done that would occur over here. No doubt there was some of that: phonecalls of expressably polite pigeon English, or somesuch. However, it probably involved stress-filled days of uselessly standing around some random office somewhere in Nairobi or Kisumu, all the time wondering if you really had the foggiest clue why you were there in the first place.

Ah the joys! Enough to make anyone fall in love with Kenya 😛

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