22 May

So that’s DAS out the way…

All in all, the exam itself was very fair, I thought. I let myself down on exam technique though – was so busy trying to not-get-zero for the questions I didn’t have the foggiest about, that I kinda didn’t answer the questions I did know as fully as I could have done.

Anyway, its done, and I’m hoping by a reasonable estimate, I haven’t failed so badly as I was envisioning beforehand.

Peter turned up beforehand, just to ‘reassure us’, and said “Good Luck” to me 🙂 Not that I’m a ‘luck’ kind of person, but it was nice of him all the same.

And I had that greek-or-something envigilator again. I don’t even know who he is, but I seem to be running into him *all* the time these days… he was envigilating S&C as well, or something.

Ah well, tea is almost ready (microwave just said ‘ping’ 😉 so I guess I should go have a wee peek.

PI will be fun… the first time I’ll ever go to an exam without doing any actual studying 😉

Ps: Google’s down…! I spent the last ten minutes thinking my internet connection was a bit dodgy, only to realise it was just the home page. Anyways… off to that stew.

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