Examinable: Everything that can be inferred from anything that is taught.

20 May

The above is a quote from one of my favourite lecturers, pd. Last year dear old pd gave us an exam question that was based on one measly little line in the lecture notes.

Ok it was only worth around 3 marks, if I remember… around 6-8% of the entire paper, but I needed those 3 marks!! ’twas a hard enough exam as it was, without asking us stuff any reasonable individual would fall over backwards to give us bonus marks for.

So this year, sensible risk-management analyser that I am, I picked pd’s course. Well, he is an amazingly good lecture – I heard one of the other lecturers label him “Arguably the best lecturer in the department” in at least a semi-official departmental capacity (i.e. to a group of potential new second year ‘victims’ 😛 ) So yeah, that’s why I’m stuck doing yet another pd exam sometime in the far-too-close future…

Aaanyway, about DAS (Distributed Algorithms and Systems):

  • We have 4 slides to a page, and usually 4 pages per lecture. At maybe 8 lines per slide, that comes out at about 128 lines per lecture.
  • There’s 19 lectures,one additional research paper (six pages, roughly), six sides of additional algorithms(=lots of lines)
  • And then there’s all the 3 textbooks that I don’t have, but I think we won’t go into how many lines a textbook contains…

Overall – taking into account my rather dodgy approximability results – that’ll be around 3050 lines.

I have to know 3050 lines of ‘stuff’ on Monday. How fun. Oh, and then there’s the problem -solving aspect… *starts to feel slightly sick*

So, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m amazingly confident about the exam I have the pleasure of sitting at 9:30 next Monday morning, all being well. 🙂

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