The long overdue obligatory Update (v.3.27509)

21 Mar

Hello people,

I’m currently smiling. This is a good state of affairs. I like smiling. I prefer laughing… it’s even good for my health 😉

But yeah, enough of happiness-philosophy. Unfortunately my final project report is not on anywhere near such a full-of-potential-for-ramble subject. On the subject of work, the only work I have left (apart from the exams, obviously) is tying up my project. I’ve set myself the end of the week to finish the report. Considering that this is also my one “unwinding” week, I’m not sure how it’s all going to tie together, so I’m not stressing too much about that self-imposed deadline.

The past ten weeks have been busy: I have written a compiler, taken controversial staff-student-arguments to the head of department, spoken to faculty to give my (expert 😉 ) opinion on maths pre-requisites for Computing Science, accepted a request to speak to 2nd years recommending Computing Science, did *the most boring* template-filling exercise ever, and actually got 70% for it 🙂 instead of the 40% I was expecting for my completely unmotivated attempt… and the random list goes on.

But I won’t bore you with any more just now,

Tigara buya! (Stay well)

JustMe 🙂

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