22 Feb


I don’t like mine :S Spent hours doing it, then spent hours listening to it getting slated and going “Yeah, you’re right and all”. I totally appreciate having it slated though: at least now I know what it looks like to anyone else reading it! Thanks, David!

Why did I bother ever writing it in the first place though? Not even going to get any of the jobs anyways, with such a rubbish cv.

Other than that, life is not too bad. Lots and lots of work to do, and little (very little) time to do it in. Julie really stressed me out just now by telling me I only had 2 weeks left after this week instead of 3, but she’d actually just mis-counted, not realising she only has a 9 week term, instead of a 10 week term. Those vets! Always skiving πŸ˜› Aaanyway, 3 weeks is no way enough time to finish my project, my EC assignment, and my Compilers assignment.

It’s mainly Compilers thats stressing me: I have to write a complete compiler for this (simple) language, and I’ve not even started yet… and I totally don’t have a clue how to go about it. I understand the sorta basic jist of what’s going on, but I never have a clue how you know which offset to apply to what register on the stack in order to make sure that you have the most recent appropriate frame pointer. Don’t even know what a frame pointer is. Today we were doing “Displays” which is apparently a linked list of frame pointers so if you want to do recursive calls you can keep a whole collection of them cos if you just use the most recent one it fails somehow after two iterations… blah blah blah. So yeah, I’m going to fail that course! There’s lots of words but I don’t have any idea what makes them glue together properly :S

Nearly fell asleep in uni today on a number of occasions. On Monday, after spending the whole day doing my cv, I was so fired up that I couldn’t sleep. I actually got up at 2 in the morning, after having been in bed for a couple of hours, and started filling in online application forms (and eating chocolate). On Tuesday I wasn’t too bad, I made it through the day no bother, and got to bed on time. Then I got a very respectable 8 hours sleep. Then today I was absolutely shattered. Funny… and very annoying! Poor Rob had to put up with me being an absolute idiot in my meeting today – I couldn’t make head nor tail of what he was explaining, even though it was fairly simple stuff, so he kept having to repeat himself.

Got in touch with Hendrik vdR (nephew of Peta). First time I’ve heard from him since he stayed with us sometime when I was a little kid. Apparently he’s marketing manager at BizzApps now, and is getting married soon. Quite nice to hear from him… he has had a part to play in getting me into computers – most of the first games I played were ones he gave my Dad. I just loved Ports of Call, and getting into “heel jammers” πŸ™‚

So… back to work πŸ™‚

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