Unexpected emails…

18 Oct

Of all the people I should have got an email from, I happened to receive one from a friend of mine from Kenya. This was pretty cool, since I haven’t heard from any of the people I met out there ever since I left at the end of my 3-week holiday over a year ago. Not surprising really, since most of them do not even have electricity, never mind the broadband connections I’m used to.

The bad news is that he’s lost his job, and is now trying to (illegally, I assume) emigrate to America. Was in a bit of a quandry as to what exactly I should advise him, though. “Stay where you are” and never even get the chance of getting out of the vicious poverty cycle, or “Yes, go to America” and be treated like dirt, have minimal contact with your family and everyone you care about.

A choice that thankfully I don’t have to make.

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Posted by on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 in selfish



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