Summer Placement

26 Aug

I got visited today.

Not entirely unexpected, but it was a bit unorganised. Just yesterday the department got in touch with my work supervisor, telling him they were visiting today. Not a word to either me or Colin, though.

So there I was, sitting working away, almost totally oblivious to the world around me. However, suddenly I became aware of a discrepancy with regard to that world that for some reason my brain was not processing fast enough.

I heard a voice – a familiar voice – yet I was not able to identify it. I knew that I knew that voice well, but it just didn’t conjure up the face of any of my new work colleagues.

I turned round, and there was Peter Dickman from uni walking past with Adrian. My eyes nearly dropped out their sockets, and my fingers automatically reacted to Peter’s prescence by minimising all open msn windows. (Colin actually signed out of msn completely when I msn’d him to say pd was here. :-P)

Anyways, he had a wee chat with me, after he’d spoken to my supervisor. My supervisor was pretty good about the whole thing… it sounded like he’d given pd a glowing report about me, despite seeming rather disappointed last time he saw my code… so all in all, a rather good outcome, considering! šŸ˜€

Peter was pretty decent too. As usual he did his job with complete competence and efficiency. I respect him. I like him too, I suppose… but in a way he’s not really one of those people you ‘like’ so much as ‘look up to’. I do look up to him, certainly. I can understand his style could not suit everyone, but as far as I personally am concerned, I would after today value his advice above anyone else in the department staff on all-but-one subject.

Anyways, I better be getting my tea finished,

I’m happy šŸ˜€

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