Exam results

04 Jul

Ok, well basically…

2 A’s, 7 B’s and a C.

All that knowledge is being put to wonderful use in my ‘training week’ at GT right now. Today we got let off at 15:05 after a day messing around with a set of computers that didn’t have a consistent set of software on them. At least I’m getting to know all the intricacies of how to make my monitor stay on :S… its very temperamental. But I can forgive it 😛 for that: its a lovely 20-inch business.

Good news: I get free lunch all week 🙂

Bad news: I seem to have broken my repository 😥 Ie: Just might need to start from scratch, cos the repository is the permanent store of data within the program I’m using. Well, all my code is still around, but there isn’t much code yet anyway. I’ve mainly been spending my time creating Java objects that my code will use. Those objects were all being stored in my repository…

Learned this week: How to use JUnit tests effectively (Its *so* neat and easy to test (and retest) all your code if you just have the JUnit set up right!); (relearned) how to use windows to work in, how to refactor easily in eclipse

Software Download of the week: ObjectDock. So far seems really swish looking. Dunno if there’s a wee bug that makes it flicker sometimes, which would be completely useless, but I’ve only seen that once when I first installed it. Hopefully it will be fine.

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