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21 May

Hiya folks,

This is me currently feeling stressed. I haven’t yet reached the stage of counting down the hours until this exam diet is over. (*Why* do they call it a diet, btw?!) But I am counting down the days… 11 days to go.

And I’m over half way through 😀 I amen’t entirely happy with the quality of exam answers I have given so far, but I think I have done my best, and that’s what matters, I suppose.

What I am most concerned about at the moment is that I haven’t “done my best” since coming out of my last exam at 11:15am yesterday. I was shattered (even more so than normal) because I kindof had to make quite a big effort just to be there, never mind trying to keep down the solitary chocolate bar (I needed some energy!) that I had in my stomach.

There was also the attempting-to-stay-awake effect. I set a new record for myself I think: that exam was the closest I’ve ever come to *actually* sleeping in an exam. And I don’t mean just a 10-second lapse in concentration. I’m talking about nearly half-an-hour of obvious head-nodding and thinking-with-my-eyes-closed. (Thinking with your eyes closed is very helpful if you are trying to check over your current answers, but only if you have a photographic memory. I don’t think I have a photographic memory. At least not when I’m tired.) So, on coming out of this exam, I was not exactly very with-it, and about ready to sleep for a week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a week to spare just then. I couldn’t even spare a day of resting… but I took one.

Anyways, for better or worse, its behind me now. I’m looking forward to this time next week when 8/9-ths of my exams will be behind me. The last one isn’t really a worry… 4 whole luxurious days to study straight just for one subject.

I’ve procrastinated long enough for now, I think. I really better get back to the depressingly unfamiliar databases course I was pretending to read over before I came here.

Adieu, and tokumia 🙂

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