I suggest you *don’t* spend Friday afternoon like this…

02 May

It all began on Thursday night. There wasn’t nothing major… I was just feeling a bit under the weather. Ever since coming back from Kenya with malaria last September, I was warned I should be on the watch for any recurrance of malaria. Without delving too deep into the grim and gruesome details, I had pretty exactly the same symptoms I’d had when I had malaria. So, all things considered (and various dutiful friends prodding me in the right direction), I decided I would just go get a simple blood test and be done with it. That’s all there was to it.

Except… the weekend coming up was a long weekend. By the time I’d had a lie-in on Friday (to try and ‘look after’ myself), and phoned into my doctors, I was told I was too late to have a blood test sent off to the lab that day. Considering the potential unpleasantness if I *did* have malaria, I was told to just run on down to the Western to get the blood test. They had already been told to expect me, and the Tropical Diseases experts at Gartnavel had already sent them their advice too.

However, with the long weekend looming, A&E was exceptionally busy. And since I was ‘only waiting for a blood test’, all the people who were actually obviously ill were given priority. (This was fair enough, I suppose, but I don’t think it helped my case that the triage nurse really thought I should be in Gartnavel and seemed to expect a long explanation as to why I wasn’t.)

So, one nerve-racking 9 hours later I arrive home. I was clear, thankfully! 😀 However, I had waited at least 7 hours just to have a needle pricked in my arm. Rather a long wait, with only a PDA for company. Especially as it only had enough charge to last about 2 hours. And all the time I was stressing about the revision I could/should have been doing. So much for my lovely revision timetable an’ all. I’m back to the drawing board with that too…

About the only good point was that the revision lecture I would have missed was cancelled anyway.

Anyways, back to the long hard slog… only a month to go, and then all being well I’ll have the peace-of-mind of at least having a Designated Degree to fall back on if fourth year doesn’t work out. (I hope it will, but the peace-of-mind makes a difference, all the same.)

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