Team Project

19 Apr

At long last, after one very long year, the Team Project is finally and officially finished.

Today was our project presentation. It was not a disaster. Neither did we blow pd off his feet. But we didn’t really expect to, I suppose. No-one in our team was particularly confident about ‘public speaking’ or just speaking in general. We were all ok around each other, and speaking to our peers, but it was a different matter entirely for anything that involved lecturers. However, we have all survived it, and that’s the main thing. I’d be happy if I got half marks in it. It’s only 5% of the mark, and I always considered it my weakest area, so I guess I’m just glad it wasn’t worse.

Anyways, on coming out of my presentation I had this really surreal feeling of being ‘free’. I realised that this was the Team Project finished. Not that it wasn’t a worthwhile and (at times :P) enjoyable exercise, but it was an exercise nevertheless. I would now consider myself quite good mates with all my team members now, to varying degrees. And, overall, I would say they were all decent people to work with.

We did have a scapegoat in the team, who really did cause us some good sized headaches, but I’m sure he paid for his numerous mistakes by the teams kindness in remembering them for him. Reflecting on it, he wasn’t really all that bad… he was just the worst out of the five of us. And he was also a bit of a nightmare to work with. But that can never entirely be blamed on one person: it does take two to have an argument.

In the presentation he managed to put the icing on the cake. He *would* have to stand in front of the projector, so obscuring a part of the powerpoint slides. (Just a standard, typical mistake of the kind we’ve been dealing with all year.) But he got the ‘punishment’ himself this time: all the time he was speaking for one of his slides, he had the word ‘user’ decorating his forehead.

I do not mean to be trying to profit at another’s expense. However I have spent a year genuinely and conscientiously advising him on many different aspects of doing the Team Project, and Uni work in general. But time and time again he has made the very mistakes I was trying to warn him against, and moreover, he has ‘hid’ behind the team to avoid what would otherwise be the inevitable consequences of his mistakes. Taking this into consideration, I do feel it is only fair on the rest of us that he finally takes responsibility for his own mistakes, and we are given credit for our own efforts, both in avoiding most of these mistakes ourselves and in sorting out the mistakes of others when they arose. Therefore, I no longer have much sympathy for this last mistake. Although it was not intentional, it was not so accidental as to be unpredictable.

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