14 Mar

In our flat we have 3 kinds. There is ‘normal food’. Most stuff is granted the honour of being ‘normal food’. This covers the whole range of student-imaginations from a year and a half ago until about a month ago. Then there’s mush. Mush got invented about a month ago. Mush is what we call normal food when we’re bored and don’t have time to cook it properly. Then it all just gets chucked in one big pan and stirred until its carbon (unless I can stop Jules in time ;-)) And now we have a new addition to our culinary skills: kedgery. Kedgery is like mush except that its just a bit more posh. Some of the food gets more careful preparation before being chucked in the big pan along with everything else. Added to this, kedgery must also conform to the completely ridiculous specification, that it “has to be a bit like ‘real’ kedgery”.

Tonight we had cous-cous with bacon in. Apparently that’s kedgery. Well, it looked like kedgery except that it had pink bits in instead of white bits. It had vitamins in too: there was a tangerine, a tomato and lots of cabbage so 😀 all was good!

Oh, and it was yummy… that counts too, surely!?

Ps: Flapjack does not come into the category of food. It is, to use its own words, “above such things”. Currently the most honourable title we have come up with so far is “flappy”. (Personally, I’m not too keen on the respectable-ness suggested by such a title, but Jules has her reasons, I’m sure!)

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