The most amazing thing ever just happened to me…….

08 Mar

Well, it all started ‘cos I was procrastinating. You see, I have this great big team project report to write that I really need to be working on… and therefore I thought it would be very productive to check who was online.

Not that I don’t do that every 10 minutes (at least) anyway, but to continue. One of my friends, James to be precise, was online. I haven’t spoken to him in ages… and my attention was drawn the other day to the fact that he’s not online much these days. So now, when I saw him online, I thought I should take the chance while I could…

On asking how everyone was, he said:
(20:26:05) James: those here are fine
(20:26:09) James: and that includes Mr Watkins

Considering I hadn’t heard from the W’s in ages, this was a welcome surprise. I proceeded to follow this thread of conversation. It transpired Omorandia was actually “standing next to” James. To be perfectly honest, I did not realise “standing next to” meant “reading over my shoulder”. In retrospect its perfectly obvious that thats what he meant, but for some reason I was being extremely thick and the situation described just plain did not register with me. So, I kindof complimented Omorandia in a manner and tone I most certainly would not have done if I’d realised he was reading everything I typed…

Anyways, the result of my asking a message to be passed on (just a well-wishing message) was that Omorandia himself sat down at the keyboard. So I chatted to Omorandia πŸ˜€ And that really made my day! He corrected my ekegussi, and gave me one or two more phrases. Above all, the phrase that will no doubt be my favourite phrase for the coming weeks, and months too, no doubt, dv: tokumia = don’t worry.

My friend has not quite learned the etiquette of a msn conversation (yet) πŸ˜› but I can forgive him that. And I do gladly forgive him, considering everything he has done for me. (Including a quite legitimate claim to saving my life, or at least going very far above the normal call of duty to ensure my safety as far as possible in a far-from-desireable situation, and more than one great favour besides.)

On a side-note, I do find it awkward speaking to anyone non net-literate online. It is difficult to guage the social expectations of someone who is not yet familiar with netiquette. I want to speak to them in a manner consistent with the normal respect I would show them offline, while keeping the appropriate level of formality prescribed (and associated with) the type of medium. In short, the informalism that I think is appropriate for a msn conversation is not really the level of formalism that is expected by my contacts in anything other than a private, face-to-face exchange. Therefore, I sometimes feel people are not at-ease talking to me. Conversely, their unease could be nothing more than uncomfortableness with an unfamiliar medium, and aware of their own lack of netiquette, especially when speaking to a supposed ‘expert’ in this particular field. But my further philosophies on this matter can keep to another day…

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