….anyone want to tell me why my program dont work…. :(?

28 Feb

Any minute now I’m about to hand in my OS3 assignment. Its not working. In fact, its a complete load of rubbish, and I’m just hoping Peter might just be kind enough to let me have 2 marks “for trying” or something. Not that Peter’s really that kind of person… but its the only hope I have left.

Technically theres still about 3 hours to go before the deadline, but I’ve been staring at that code so long that anything I do now will probably be something I’ve tried before at least 8 times, and will just need undoing again when I discover the error that it causes (and has also caused the previous 8 times).

… and I even got up at 5 this morning in the hope of getting it working.

Anyways, enough of that.

Currently, apart from uni-life, life is rather non-existant. Well, Sabbath is nice cos it’s the one day a week I actually get away from it all. I’m beginning to look forward to the Youth Conference. It will be good to get a chance to see everyone without having all the stress of work hanging over me. Just catch up on everyones news, have a good laugh, ask lots of controversial questions. Having said that, I am dreading seeing some of the people there. No doubt all will be fine on the day, but currently I’m so stressed that I don’t want to have to cope with all the hassle. Also, there’s probably going to be an ‘issue’ about Christine again. I don’t see why they have to make such a fuss. She does have special needs, but its hardly right to make me carry the can all the time, especially when Christine doesn’t want me to, either. She just wants her independance, but instead ‘they’ want to force me into looking after her all the time. Anyways, I’ll just have to wait and see… I’m seriously considering not-going next year if they can’t be a bit more considerate/accomodating to me, cos last time I really didn’t cope with everything just because of ‘them’. It kinda spoilt the whole conferance on me. But then, if I didn’t go I’d miss seeing everyone! And in spite of feeling so awful last time, it was still nice to be with everyone again.

On the topic of seeing friends again, I’m hoping very much that I have nothing on around Synod time. The Watkins are going to be over, and if I’m not very much mistaken, they will proly call in at Ebenezer. I’d so like to see them again!

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