Valentines Day!

14 Feb

For some of us, that’s just been a pretty normal day.

Nothing *exciting* happening… but then, no tears either, 😉 so I guess I have nothing to complain about 😛

Having said that, I don’t actually understand how anyone doing my course is expected to have a g/b-friend. You’d have to end being pretty mean to them… i.e. not spending a lot of time with them *all term*. Well, either that or fail your course.

Conversely, its depressingly noticable how much the folks on my course are missing out on social interaction in general. Ok, some of them still go out the occasional Friday night to get drunk (not that I personally favour that form of social interaction), but still nothing like the amount of time you spent catching up with friends in first year.

But, you kinda start to care about all these people you’re practically living with. And…. we all miss ‘people’ I think. Ok, we’re all in this together, and we got each other. But that’s not the same. And not so helpful either, when you work with these people all the time, and work/time-off get too wrapped up in one another. We kinda need a break from each other, and we need the whole diversity of people that life has to offer. The friend who needs your advice ‘cos somethings just turned upside-down. The relations who’re always there to give a good break from all things rest-of-the-world related. The always-there person who just never fails to wind you up. I want them all back!!

One of my friends was saying recently that when he’s got his degree, he just wants a 9-5 job. That really sums up things. I’d just like to have my life seperated out, again. The line of work does seem to demand/commend/favour work-aholicism, and likes people to be willing to work as and when required “just to get the job done by the deadline”. But, how long can the average person last like that?! 10 years at most? 20 at a push. And what do you get out of it? The 2 weeks in the sun every year. Ok, its maybe more ‘expensive sun’ than some other people get, but it all seems a bit materialistic. That’s your ‘reward’ for being available to work late many evenings/weekends and be constantly stressing about work. Nah, I think the 9-5 ideology has a *lot* more going for it! 😉 (Yep, nex, looks like you just might be right… again!)

I really don’t have a clue exactly what I’m going to do once I’ve got my degree. Don’t suppose there will be any world-shattering revelations, but I’m not overly reconciled to just joining the rat race with everyone else. No doubt that’s one of the things that will happen, at least in the short term… but I’m still trying to work out exactly what I should be doing with my life. Maybe some Prince Charming will come along… or maybe I’ll go off to the other side of the world, just for the change of scenery… or maybe I’ll just branch out in some wee (work-related) venture of my own… That last one sounds a bit too much like hard work, so it’d have to be some really amazingly interesting venture in order to be worth my while. Hmm, maybe I’ll just try starting again. *Fresh sheet of paper* *-)(?thinking?) All suggestions welcome!

Anyways, some good news. I think I’ve got a job with Graeham Technology for the summer, so at least that’s one worry off my mind.

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