26 Jan

I just feel like sticking my head in the sand and crying.

Uni’s been getting me down again lately, and I aint too happy about that… Nothing in particular, that I’m aware of, just things in general all adding up wrong.

So, this is me at home again. Yet again not in the lab, but trying to do lab-work/other work at home like a diligent wee girl. I just can’t stand going to the lab to do work. Except Mondays. Surprisingly, I don’t mind Mondays these days, cos for once I don’t feel bad about never getting anything working. And also, I do concentrate solid on working while in the lab – I often find it hard to get that level of motivation at uni.

But anyways, I’m just going to have a wee sing instead to cheer me up:

Korwa ‘se chindiba ime
naboigo korwa ‘se
engoro, nigo nkorera
asore, Yehova.

Nyasae, igwa ‘riogi riane:
tiga ‘mato ao
ategerere eriogi
ri’amasabo aane.

(Zaburi 130:1,2)

At least the sun came out 😀 today! I like the sun. Long time since we last met. Last September most likely.

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