“take the ball and run with it”

25 Jan

**Meant to update a few days ago, but after downloading ‘Clive’, I didn’t manage to use it yet. So, here’s me being lazy and not-using Clive. (Never quite got my head round the command-ine stuff I needed for it, in the 3minutes I had available to figure it.**

Anyways, this post is in celebration of me hunting out ‘s livejournal and finding links/comments to lots of old school friends. ‘Twas interesting finding out what everyone’s up to nowadays!

A bit nostalgic too.. I ended commenting on nome’s latest post, cos she reminded us all of our days in Higher English together. I wasn’t in Mrs Taylor’s class, but she had some famous year-wide quotes that were going around 😉 And it was one of the memories that stands out from that year.

Lots has happened since then… to all of us. But we all did go to the same school for those few short years of our lives, and so do have some shared memories that are ‘special’ in different ways.

I got a letter from one of my old teachers the other day. Quite sweet of her, actually, but wierd nonetheless, to discover how much has changed in just a few short years. Moved on, made discoveries, formed opinions, created personalities, and now we’d possibly hardly know each other if we met on the street. (Well, maybe give it a few more years, and we’d be completely unrecognisable, compared to the “grown up” schoolkids we were at the end of 6th year :P)

Anyways, java/ada/UML and lots more un-inviting stuff beckons…. *and* I got to be up really early tomorrow morning.. well, this morning (Already past midnight…! What is up with time-dilation problems in my life recently… :S)

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