…the same old story…

20 Jan

Well, its second term now. So what’s uni like? Work, work, and just for variety, yet more work.

I suppose, all things considered, I’m not running off adrenalin completely right now… at least not the way I seemed to be at the end of last term. But, other than that, I just seem to be working virtually all the time…! Steady, solid-concentration working, rather than the panic-working of last term. That sounds good, in a way, but that’s partly only cos this term you (almost) start with a blank sheet again. Things haven’t quite built up to their full pressure yet :P. So, to sum up, I’ve been working (fun, fun and yet more fun).

Except Friday… I was kindof not feeling too great, and ended taking a whole two days off work of any kind. I felt really guilty about that afterwards, not so much cos I thought I should have been working when I was ill, but more thinking about how I might not be able to fulfill all my other commitments in the next few weeks while I’m trying to catch up on the lost time.

It does seem rather sad actually… I was talking to maz, and mentioned how I regretted taking all of Saturday off work. And she said “Is it really that bad!?” That kindof hit me a bit… it is bad!

So… with all this lack-of-work behind me, I decided to “take off most of Tuesday” too. Well, I was shattered when I came home, after not having done a lot of work in uni. I didn’t technically ‘decide’ not-to-work… it just happened like that. I’m not regretting it (yet :P) since I am beginning to realise I need more winding-down time than I’m having. I just don’t have the spare hours anymore. I find I’m sleeping tons… not far off 8 hours a night, sometimes more. But it shows how much work I must be doing, that I’m constantly feeling drained.

Anyways, my current level of productivity is that I’ve tidied up some paperwork stuff. And… finally written myself a “work report” as Mr Watkins advised me to. He thought it would come in handy to refresh my memory before going for job interviews, etc. He is totally correct (as usual 😉 )… its just taken me a while to get round to actually doing it.

And, I’ve got an interview with Graham Technology on the 4th of February. It could be quite fun, if only I wasn’t already rather nervous about it… :S I suppose its not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out, but its *really* daunting, all the same.

Just to end this post on a positive note, my conversation window for the team project is coming along quite nicely. I’m starting to get the idea of all these swing listeners/handlers. Stuff is beginning to work quite well, even down to having toolTips 😛 just to be ‘professional’ about it all.

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