First driving lesson

29 Dec

My dad took me out for a couple of hours today. After we came home, he gave me his typed up account of our trip… so I thought I’d save myself the effort of doing it again, and virtually copy and paste. (So, just skip the details if you’re bored, but I just wanted to ‘keep the memory in the deep freeze until I need it next’.)

We hired a dual-control car for two hours. And, ok, I admit it, my Dad took full advantage of having a break and clutch under his control… not always when I wanted him too, but for the most part he got me out of far more scrapes than he got me into, so I guess I can’t blame him too much… :-$

We started at Inverness Caley Thistle carpark for some steering practice and clutch control, then went along the stadium seaside road for changing gear practice; we then turned round and came back to the Kessock Bridge roundabout and went south on the A9 to get some feel of the different steering with greater speed.

I overtook my first lorry on the hill going out of Inverness, and we turned off at Daviot East (to Aunty Myra’s now burnt-down house) for steering, gear-changing, hill-starts and stopping on a two-way road away from traffic.

We drove up to Moy on the old A9 and then did a controlled (??? where’d my Dad get that strange notion from :P) U-turn and came back to Daviot using fourth gear.

We joined the A9 northwards and turned off right towards Croy (ie the turnoff for Ebenezer) for experience on single-track roads. We turned at the cross-moor road to the rear of Ebenezer, and called in at Ebenezer. (Just so’s Dad could grab his camera and get a pic of me :S, and just so’s James could come out and laugh at me cos he was jealous.)

We then drove into town and I negotiated (apparently) the traffic lights, the Inshes roundabout, the mini-roundabout and the Millburn Road roundabout.

We drove past Arnold Clark to turn right at the traffic lights into Seafield Road where I practised a reversing manoevre in the forecourt of one of the sites there. I came back through the traffic lights and turned right across the traffic into Arnold Clark.

Apparently, that covers all types of roads apart from motorways. And there was a touch of snow and rain about the place, so that ‘counts’ too. There were one or two manoevres that I did, and I supposedly learnt: gear-changing, clutch control and steering… no wonder I felt a bit tired afterwards! (Note: this paragraph has been very severely edited from my Dads original version. ;))

Just for the record: my top speed was around 50mph, and I only stalled about 4 times. (Or at least, Dad only pointed it out to me about 4 times :-$) Oh, and I *never* smashed a hole in the garage, tho’ I think I might have to give Dads-foot-on-the-break the credit for that one :-$.

And… we never even fell out 😛 I think that was the greatest achievement of all. “A painless experience” as Dad commented!

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