Sabbath evening, 21st of November, 2004

22 Nov

“There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.”

“There was a man”. This did not happen by chance. It was fore-ordained even before the beginning of the world, that there should be such a man in existence. God was in control.

“A man sent from God”. What an honour was given to this man! God chose him to be His own, and not only chose him to be His own, but chose him peculiarly to be “sent”. As I was hearing tonight (Luke 19:12-27), we all of us are entrusted with “pounds” of one kind or another. We are not immediatly honoured always, but often are entrusted with a responsibility in trying circumstances. That responsibility is not “at expense” of our worldly affaris, but rather we ought to perform these worldly affairs with diligence as part of the responsibility that God has given us. (Our responsibility is discharged via the diligent performance of all our duties.) This “man sent” – though it was a great honour to be given this responsibility – nevertheless had a heavy responsibility placed on his shoulders. He had a duty to discharge. Yet he did not need to discharge that duty entirely by himself He was sent by God. God strengthens and enables all His own people to perform the duties He requires of them. They could never possibly discharge them otherwise. God is the omnipotent Banker; He can, and will, supply out of His treasury of grace and mercy exactly enough as is required by His children.

“whose name was John”. After the custom of this world, this man had a name. Unlike some of the angels, who remain nameless(at least to us), this man was “in this world”, and therefore required a name like everyone else in the world. Though we are not to be “of this world”, yet we are “in this world”. Our sphere of labour is this sinful world. We are not to think, “Oh, everything would be much easier if only….” It is a sinful world we are in. It is a sinful world we are required to discharge our duties in. And it is while we are in this sinful world, discharging our duties here with all the trials that involves, that God will bless and honour His people. “Him that honoureith me I will honour.”

Tororane naende (‘Til we see one another again.)

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